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Informationer om "Kris"

Vedr. Kris findes der hos Yasni 932 forskellige navne.

Kris ligger i rangfølgen over de hyppigste fornavne hos Yasni på plads 551.

Betydning af "Kris"

Female first name (English, German) in use since the Middle Ages in Germany, now one, Kris, Christian woman, Latin (New Testament); christianus = Christian; christos = the devotees, the Anointed One (Greek); information to the male form of Christian of the most popular first name Male first name (English, German): Kris, Christ-supporting; ancient Greek (New Testament); christos = the devotees, the Anointed; pherein = bring bear, in the Middle Ages spread through the veneration of St.. Christopher (3rd century), patron saint of sailors and rafters, one of the 14 helpers

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